Regional SCRUM GATHERING® Tokyoは、スクラムの初心者からエキスパート、ユーザー企業から開発企業、立場の異なる様々な人々が集まる学びの場です。講演やワークショップ、そして参加者同士の交流を通じて、世界最前線の情報から日本の現場での工夫まで多くの知見を得られます。

5回目の開催となる今回は、著名な認定スクラムトレーナーでもありLarge Scale Scrum(LeSS)の提唱者でもあるBas Vodde氏、『エッセンシャルスクラム』の著者 Kenneth S. Rubin氏の2名を基調講演に迎えます。前回参加者の7割以上の方が「大変すばらしい」と回答した日本最大級のスクラムカンファレンスに、ぜひご参加ください!

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Stanly Lau

Agile/Technical Coach
Stanly believes software development is a lifetime professional career, and he has done (and is doing) many things to gain the awareness. In the past 10+ years, he took many roles, from programmer to team lead, manager, community leader and coach. His interests range from technical practices like TDD, Refactoring to people and organisation behaviour. He strongly believes environment influences people's behaviour and often help people to learn to see that. There are so many experiences that he'd like to share, but putting it here won't work. If you are interested, he invites to bring your spark of curiosity to him. =)

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, January 18

1:30pm JST